Modern Style Cabinetry


Modern cabinetry. Modern style, quality construction and exceptional value. These types of cabinets lack face frames, which mean smaller spaces between doors from cabinet to cabinet, resulting in flush doors and hidden hinges. Whether you choose modern cabinets that create an open and airy feel, or contemporary cabinets with bold, straight lines and a streamlined appearance, our popular design styles are the perfect solution for your new home or remodeling project.

These cabinets are built in the factory in Los Angeles, CA. Our unique and cutting edge manufacturing process, allows us to have your order ready to ship as early as 7 days from the time an order is placed.

We offer the option to order custom sizes, as well as custom configuration for any of our items.

All of our cabinets meet the California’s current C.A.R.B 2 environmental requirements, and qualify for the NAFTA requirements.

There are 32 colors to choose from!


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