Storage Solutions

As the home of appliances, cookware and every specialty gadget under the sun, the kitchen is and always will be a perplexing place to organize. The never-ending accessories and endless food cans, boxes and bags easily fill up every nook and cranny, especially in a small kitchen.

People have been finding and creating innovative organization techniques to help solve their kitchen dilemmas, from storing pots and pans to organizing a messy walk-in pantry. The solutions below, based on our research are favorites of tens (even hundreds) of thousands of people all over the internet. See if one of them will inspire an idea for your own kitchen.


Two-Tiered Cutlery Drawer is a must-have item for the well-organized kitchen, and is all about increasing storage space. Crafted from solid hardwood and featuring a clear UV-cured finish, this cutlery drawer insert will double your storage capacity by creating two tiers of storage area within one drawer.




Under sink drawer. The deep cabinet under the sink can seem like a bottomless pit, so it isn’t surprising people love this easy solution. The roll out drawer keeps cleaning supplies visible.






Pullout Waste Containers. Everybody loves the simplicity of this hidden waste container. It hides unattractive bins and frees up floor space, while the side nook can house trash bags and ties (or an air freshener).









Appliance garage. Just about all of us could use a clutter-free counter top, which is why appliance garages are popular. A lot of people enjoy this design, which keeps a blender, toaster and mixer nearby but out of sight.










Deep cabinet organizer. This pullout pantry organizer, paired with cabinet door racks, is a favorite. If you don’t have room for a walk-in pantry in your home this is the best solution for you. Having storage on the doors and inside keeps everything organized and within easy reach.







Rolling cabinet or cart.Acting as both counter and storage, this accessible rolling cart is worth adding. It can work as a kitchen island, especially in a small space, or a bar cart when rolled into any room.







Spice storage. This handy spice pullout and cabinet rack design has been asked about a lot, mostly because it’s so practical. You want full access to small items with the pull-out spice rack cabinet and organizer. A great way to use a narrow space for maximum effect, the base cabinet pull-out organizer brings the entire spice rack out as a unit. Adjustable shelves are beautifully finished solid hardwood with chrome rails to keep contents contained yet visible. The unit glides smoothly on full-extension steel drawer guides.







Pullout shelves. This pullout shelf provides easy access to pots and pans. This system works great for reaching those back corners in deep cabinets: The front tray pulls out vertically and allows the back tray to slide over to the right.